scratching an analog etch

Coprint0813mputer is a magnificent tool – and it is just that. Happily recognised now as just one part of an illustrator’s or artist’s arsenal.  I always draw my illustrations because I believe the natural feel and line of the pen is noticeable and the connection between my head and hand is more direct. Just bought an Apple Pencil so that may change with time, but for now the analog part of my process is essential.  Still, the finished image is the result of far more time spent after the drawing is scanned, so there are moments when tactile image-making seems very distant. So, have begun toying with prints again, my roots – in Kyoto with woodblocks and later in London, etching at St Martin’s. Dipped into the acid a few months ago, with no forethought of the image (no idea where it came from) – approached the image as an exercise in achieving a layered aquatint effect using only stop-out and multiple bites.  In NYC this week, picked up zinc plates and ground from Central Art Supply.
Good to step away from the screens now and then..