Monthly Archives: November 2023


Colour completed on Next-Gen (greed). Fourth in seven part ‘deadly sins’ graphic novella series. Line work on Nothing to Do (sloth) done; colouring to begin shortly.

2024 IMC Echizen

Honoured to have Yokai 2 chosen for International Mokuhanga Conference juried exhibition in Echizen. 4-8 April 2024

The triennial … brings together printmakers, academicians, researchers and materials/tool makers. [It] offers a forum for international discussion, and a way for people from different disciplines and different countries to share ideas about this exciting technique, rooted in history, but evolving in new directions that reflect the ideas of contemporary artists.

gone to pressĀ 

After 6 months of respectful meticulous consultation and design, When the World was Soft done and uploaded for printing. Thank you beyond words to editor Erica Wagner, designer Sandra Nobes and the team at Allen & Unwin. The patience with detail and collaborative approach so appreciated and such a pleasure. The resulting book everything aimed for from the start but more. Look forward to holding the hard copy – and the journey to release in April.