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fresh animal prints

New designs for a series. Initial images to be carve, then cut into and played with; incorporated Jabberwocky text.
Day trip to Echizen this week for IMC Juried Exhibition – and the city’s famous soba..

kj 106 cultural fluidity

New digital issue available to download.

Diving into the flow and blend of cultures across borders. From Japonisme to Pokémon, modern diaspora to WWII internment, Sakamoto to Elvis in Noh, and mochiron, the ubiquitous vending machine, contributors illuminate the theme through a mix of essays, poetry, photography, and illustrations. Part II Рissue 108 Рlate 2024.

KJ 106

Kyoto Journals latest issue – Cultural Fluidity – out soon as beautifully designed PDF.

A look at how of the centuries both cultural quirks and respected ritual has flowed into, out of, and even returned transformed to Japan. Including some often mysterious emojis..

les yokai

Cross-cultural fusion of Hans Christian Andersen and yokai in Kyoto.

Really pleased to contribute endpapers to the fourth Little Soldier Stories volume for Seuil. Due 2024-25.

Using figurines, the unique storytelling approach drops the action into the heart of ancient Gion, while still remaining faithful to the heart of HCA’s poignant tale of stoicism in love.


Colour completed on Next-Gen (greed). Fourth in seven part ‘deadly sins’ graphic novella series. Line work on Nothing to Do (sloth) done; colouring to begin shortly.

2024 IMC Echizen

Honoured to have Yokai 2 chosen for International Mokuhanga Conference juried exhibition in Echizen. 4-8 April 2024

The triennial … brings together printmakers, academicians, researchers and materials/tool makers. [It] offers a forum for international discussion, and a way for people from different disciplines and different countries to share ideas about this exciting technique, rooted in history, but evolving in new directions that reflect the ideas of contemporary artists.