Monthly Archives: June 2014

Cut Print


Few roughs from 37 page graphic novella Cut Print.  Story hanging together – and crucially, ending works.

It’s said we are attracted to that which scares us, which in my case must be hands and cars.  All that was needed was a side story involving a horse.. Months of inking ahead, in between other work. Fresh brush and pens – and with quick trip to Kyoto coming up, chance to source some alternatives as well.

Cut Print is a cautionary tale of technology.  The anchor piece of a book of three, alongside Something Wicked and one other short.


Vivid Sydney

vividbunniesCity on the harbour – Sydney a few days off winter. Sparkling night spent down by the Opera House as VIVID lights up. In town for an event at the MCA – a film made up of interviews with Byron Bay creatives about the perils and pleasures of making a sea change. Happy to have contributed some small grains of, if not exactly wisdom, considered thought about being an artist based outside of a metropolis. Good roll up – even if some of the audience came for the view. Really, who wouldn’t? There were 15m glowing rabbits on the headland.