headshot2Australian based illustrator who has lived in Japan, France and the US.
I began as a printmaker, a graphic essential approach that informs my illustrations.

Recognised by American Illustration
& Australian/New Zealand Illustration

2017 commissions include graphic non-fiction narratives, picture book for New Holland, marketing, editorial, and scholastic publications.

Until We Are All Free – Behrouz Boochani in conversation 2018
Drawing the Times 2018
Illustrators Australia interview November 2017
Pigeonhole Books interview 2015

Editorial cartoonist – Echo Byron Bay 2013-14
In whatever spare time there is, tinkering with a dystopian graphic novella trilogy.


Illustrare: v. 1. to illuminate. 2. to poke at sacred cows

nomiyaaboutPictures saturate our world. At times overwhelming, yet undeniably the most effective global communication currency. The task of the illustrator is to (quickly) create clever concise images that cut through the visual noise. To stand alone or to support text. Images must initially engage the target audience in whatever country or community they originate, but increasingly they also demand cross-cultural accessibility.

Style can adapt to content. To engage immediately, to make the viewer think and feel in a fresh unexpected way – hopefully to stay with them for some time after.

Illustration without an idea is decoration.

(..and the fish above left is of course, a red herring)

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