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gone to press 

After 6 months of respectful meticulous consultation and design, When the World was Soft done and uploaded for printing. Thank you beyond words to editor Erica Wagner, designer Sandra Nobes and the team at Allen & Unwin. The patience with detail and collaborative approach so appreciated and such a pleasure. The resulting book everything aimed for from the start but more. Look forward to holding the hard copy – and the journey to release in April.

analogue days

As AI seeps into every corner of life, not least illustration, weekly days in the mokuhanga – 木版画 – studio are a respite, inspiration and ever humbling. The carving muscle memory from decades past remains, yet so too does the challenge of decades ahead to truly master – if ever – printing.

Triptych that can be divided into three individual prints finished – bridging imagery of personal vision with resonance for the viewer. Reductive discipline of monochrome. Lack of ctrl alt Z..

LUME looming

Great to see The Age article on Connection immersive experience, opening 23 June, Melbourne.

143 high-definition projectors will display artworks across 3000sqm of gallery space.

‘A lot of people like Aboriginal art because it is colourful or pretty, but … are quite challenged by Aboriginal art too, by not knowing or understanding how to interpret it or not feeling like they have permission to be involved. Connection is just so inclusive‘.


Wild mustard forest town.  Kyoto –
then and now source of design, tradition, inspiration, innovation.. of wabi sabi and anime.  

茶筅 ,茶杓, 茶碗.
Kyoto Journal 100 Views of Kyoto
anniversary issue. (print version sold out.
PDF with 18 extra articles available)


Exceptional Indigenous cultural
immersive experience @
THE LUME – Melbourne
opening June 2023

Grande Experience’ Connections together with Marrga.

book news – Creation tales

Humbled and honoured Allen & Unwin will be publishing Juluwarlu’s
When the World was Soft: Creation Parables of the Yindjibarndi.

Six Creation tales rendered in graphic narrative/manga format.
Alongside Yindjibarndi paintings and told in language and English.

Due 2024

KJ 103

Creativity. Poets, musicians, visual
and sculptural artists, photographers,
art event curators, meditators and
philosophers, even a part-time futurologist.

New ideas and new forms as ever from across Asia.
Digital issue